Monday, January 10, 2011

Guess What Daddy? I Updated My Blog!

Good morning, Daddy. I hope you are happy I updated my blog, since you talk to me about it at least once a week ;) Just kidding I love you!

On my heart recently...

Conviction is a lost issue, it seems. We tiptoe around certain people, we lie to our friends, we forsake the tugging on our heart from the Lord...We live in the society of the feel-good and love-everybody Christianity, which, sorry to say, y'all...will leave you empty and incomplete. The Joel Osteen approach to life will only take you so far. He's a great guy and all, but as you get older in your faith, the Word says we need meat, not spiritual milk.

I know most of the time I would rather just deal with issues on my own rather than hash them out with people or lay them all in the open. I can blame this on my non-confrontational nature, but in my heart I know that God calls us to speak the truth in love. When you love someone, you aren't going to stay concerned with them and not say anything about it. Yes, people get upset and mad and hurt...but if the Lord gives you a truth to share, you better let it out! Speaking from experience, I know that when God tells me to do something and I don't do it, it's NOT GOOD! I totally miss out on something awesome that God has for me.

All that to say...if you are concerned about someone, pray about it. Ask for wisdom and peace and patience and the right words to say to help them. And if the Lord prompts you to go to that person, talk to them. Talk to them in love, but get your (really, His) point across.

Don't get swept away by this unconvicting, happy-go-lucky Christianity. Jesus turned over tables and told people what for. Yes, He did it in love. But He laid it all down because He knew it would help them. Following Jesus means taking up your cross daily, dying to yourself, and living loud for Him. He deserves so much more than what we have to offer, but we need to do at least this much for Him.

Ask God to knock you off your feet. Ask Him to refine you, mold you, transform you, whatever terminology creates the best picture for you. Ask Him to show you areas of your life that need changing. It hurts, but it is so worth it.

He is SO worth it.

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