Monday, December 13, 2010

Yay Finals Week!

Tomorrow, or today really, I have a Poli Sci final at 10am, then on Tuesday a Developing a Christian Mind exam, which will be extremely difficult. Then I have to check out sometime after that and figure out when I can move into my new room! :) Somewhere in between all this I have to take a Sociology final. I've moved out most everything I have on campus to my car, but I still have some stuff up here, so I'll have to see how all that works out.

Anyway...I am not too stressed but it is gonna be a crazy next 48 hours. This weekend was really busy but I loved it! :) Fun times with friends and two Christmas parties, which ended with me getting stick-on wall art with black lettering of Faith, Hope, and Love which will look super cute in my new dorm room, a Christmas tree candle, a soap dish (i think), and a body wash set :) Yay for white elephant gift exchanges!

I can't wait to be home for a month and see my precious brother for the first time in exactly four months and go to Salado and hang out with my cousins and catch up with my parents and not worry about school for a whole month and delight in the fact that I no longer have to live on this dorm hallway which I don't like at all! Life is good.

I just found this picture from Thanksgiving '08 and it is now the background to my laptop:

These are some of my favorite people in the world. Please pray for my whole family as we mourn Christmas #2 without my aunt and uncle-it's hard on everybody, and Christmas seems to get everybody down the most. Wish yall were here.

I'm gonna keep studying now...oh college.

But it is SO worth it :)

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  1. just saw the pics that you posted of mom and dad.... Um tears?..yes
    thank you for posting them tho- i love you