Wednesday, November 24, 2010


today i am thankful for my friends. it seems like such a cliche, stupid answer...but the people who love me are amazing and beautiful people! today was filled with good times, fun yet deep conversations, and laughs with some people who greatly enrich my life. i know everyone thinks their friends are the best, but mine win :) they love me when i get crazy and point me in the right direction.

whether it's singing to my heart's content with shawn, laughing my head off with shelby, being sassy with andre, playing loud, obnoxious games of catchphrase at ihop with my dbu friends, talking youth group with brad and zack, friends make the ride worthwhile. love y'all :)

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  1. And we love you too. It's been great to meet you this semester and have you as a friend and sister in Christ!