Friday, November 12, 2010


Since yesterday was Veteran's Day and all, it sounds really cliche of me to say I'MTHANKFULFORTHOSEWHOSERVEOURCOUNTRY but seriously, I am. Both of my grandfathers served, my best friend is seriously considering the military and my brother got so stinkin' close to joining the Marines, so it does hold a special place in my heart. I am really glad there's not a draft anymore because my brother being in China in four months is one thing...I cannot imagine letting him go without communication with the constant fear of him dying. I understand obviously that he could end up doing that, but for right now I'm glad it's not that way.

Today I am thankful for technology. My brother called me from China last night and it pretty much made my entire LIFE! Then I got to thinking about how not even that long ago I wouldn't be able to facebook chat with him, read his blog, e-mail him, much less get a phone call! Technology is not my favorite thing and sometimes I wish I could just get away from all of it, but in the long run I would much rather have it for a time such as this!

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