Monday, November 22, 2010


Today I am thankful for the small things in life. Things like when the pastor at the church you're working at tells the youth pastor that you're awesome. Or like when someone you've been investing in for so long finally "gets it." Or like when you meet someone new who is so awesome that you can't believe you've lived for so long without knowing them. Finding money, having your meals payed for by a sweet friend, helping someone get through a struggle, even my current awesome blessing...HAVING ALL WEDNESDAY CLASSES CANCELED SO I CAN GET THE HECK OUT OF HERE WHEN I WANT. :)

God is good. He gives us massively wonderful things like nature, renewal, beauty, talents, hope, life, relationships...but he also gives us amazing small things, like a kind word, a beautiful sunshiney day, or sweet affirmation. I just love Him :)

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