Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Spiced Life

I know people who have a one-track life. They do just school, or just work. Teenagers and adults alike. I know adults, like my boss, whose whole life is her job. Her family has to come to her job to see her. It's not like she planned it that way-owning your own restaurant is hard, a struggle for survival, time-consuming, insane. It takes a really strong person to do that-I am not saying I am better than she is AT ALL. I couldn't be in her place-I would give up.

I know a lot of people my age who aren't going to school-they're just working until a later time. I'm by no means saying I'm better than them either. But I'm pretty sure that if I just worked (and hung out with friends and family, obviously) I would not be content.

Then you have people like my brother who desire so much more out of life. When he's at college, he plays rugby, works out sometimes multiple times a day, is in a fraternity, holds leadership positions, is in a singing group, pulls fantastic grades in class, and runs around with friends all the time-goes on road trips and hikes and runs and goes fountain-hopping downtown. He is in China and can't wait to go visit other countries, too. He loves to travel and wants to do a variety of things in life.

Although I definitely don't have as high hopes as my brother does, I do not do well with a one-track life. I get sad. My life gets crazy sometimes, and I do tend to over commit-though I'm working on that-but I love being busy. I like to have sleep and a little time for myself, but I feel so lethargic if I only have one set thing to do, like school. I see people even at DBU who do only school-no social life, no job, nothing else.

I like to travel, but I'll be okay if I don't see the world. I want to be a family counselor, but I'll be alright if I get to do ten things before that, or maybe do something completely different. I'm a planner, but I love the spontaneity also. I signed up for a wild ride with Jesus on December 16th, 2001, and I'm loving going on this crazy adventure with Him.

In high school, I ran myself ragged. School, work, church, youth leadership council, teaching GA's, choir, and anything else I could get myself into. College is not too different, except I'm not as involved. I'm trying to be, but school is currently kicking my butt. But I've already landed myself an unpaid internship thing at a church in Fort Worth, which has been AMAZING-I have missed serving so much.

All this is brought up because I'm reading The Idea of a Christian College and writing a paper about it tonight...and one of the points the author makes is that people who attend a liberal arts college as opposed to trade school aren't just trained for one job, they get to dapple in all sorts of different things, as opposed to just learning how to be a plumber or an electrician or a mechanic. I LOVE that. I lovelovelove dappling in lots of different things.

All this to say-life is short. If you're not content, talk to Jesus about it. He can and WILL fill you with His JOY-which is 213948309284932089320840932 million times better than being happy. Happy is a mood; joy is a choice, a state of mind, an awesome deal, unaffected by adverse circumstances.

I understand that some people are just not okay with doing a lot of different things, and that's cool. But I am. And I hope that when I'm an adult I don't lose this love for life and this zeal to learn new things.

Live a spicy life!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Lately, things have been taking a turn for the better! Friends have less drama, school has calmed down (sort of), and I am FINALLY starting to make more friends and actually pursue relationships with them. I am extremely busy as always but am loving every minute of it. I really do love college and DBU-it is so hard sometimes, but it also is where I'm supposed to be, and I know that with all of my heart.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!