Friday, September 17, 2010

Lost In A Sea Of Faces

There are five thousand people on this campus, five hundred of which are from a different country. 18 year old freshman, 21 year old freshmen, 30 year old students. Boys, girls. Blondes, brunettes, fiery redheads. Tall, short. Funny, quiet. Loud, spastic. Shy, introverted. Writers, artists, singers, dancers, pastors, teachers, counselors, lawyers, scientists, linguists.

There are so many stinkin' people here, and I want to get to know every single one of them. I want to sit down with the people I see every day and listen. I want to know what they've been through. I want to know where they were when Jesus redeemed them from the pit. I want to know where they're going, what their questions are, who they know.

I want to listen to the boy who has never known love. I want to listen to the girl who has been heartbroken time and time again. I want to learn about the background of the adult student. I want to hear about why that person acts they way they do.

I want to get to know people. I want to stand amazed at what people have been through and what God is doing through their struggles and their good times...their storms and their sunshine.

Lord, give me opportunity.

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