Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Old Is Gone, The New Has Come

I am thankful that in Christ, I am a new creation.
I don't even like thinking about the person I would be without His hand constantly holding me up.

I did my best to act happy when my parents divorced, but I cried myself to sleep more nights than most...
I was the bubbliest, happiest person on the planet in junior high...unless you knew the real me. I was so insecure I cried when I looked in the mirror...I turned around and slapped the doors and the walls because I was so angry about the way I looked...
I allowed myself to wallow in self pity when my family started going through a lot of things. I let go of my friendships, my happiness, myself...
I couldn't help but ask God why He wanted my aunt and uncle in Heaven so early...over and over again I questioned...

God has pulled me out of quicksand time and time again. And for that I am grateful.

Without His hand constantly on my life, where would I be? What would I be like if He hadn't have pulled me out? What would my personality be like when I had to face such struggles without Him holding my hand?

In Sunday School two years ago, the teacher asked, "What if God wasn't there? What if you woke up in the morning without the assurance that God is alive and active in your life?"
An amazing lady by the name of Karen West answered: "I don't even want to get out of bed."

No truer words have ever been spoken!!! I am humbled that the Lord CHOSE to have a love relationship with me. After his first two children lied to him, after the wickedness of Noah's time, through all the things that have happened that aren't even recorded in the Bible...up to all the times I've lied, cheated, been selfish, let my flesh get the best of me. He still wants me.

Do you view God as the love of your life? We don't often refer to Him as "Lover." Perhaps "Lover of my Soul," but that's the closest I've ever heard to it. He LOVES us. He pursues us. He's held my hand, put His arms around me in my weakest moments. I KNOW that my Redeemer lives.

It is such a beautiful thing.

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