Monday, March 1, 2010


I canNOT believe it's March.

Today begins the final trimester of my high school career.
I will be eighteen in nine days.
I'm going to college in five months.
My brother's going to boot camp in two months, and spending August-December in China.

Dear Life,
Stop right now please!

I was accepted to Dallas Baptist University, my number one dream and heart's deepest desire, last Thursday. I think I'm still in shock! People keep asking about dorms and roommates and scholarships and moving in, and I'm still in this beautiful state of realization that I'M GOING TO DBU! :) I am so excited! I am so glad God led me here, and wants me to spend the next four years at such a beautiful, Christ-centered place.

I'm nervous, and anxious, but I sure am ready.

Drama, trials, struggles will still be there. Life isn't suddenly magical, even if I think the place is. But I'm gonna be surrounded by such beautiful, genuine people...not to mention my cousin Shelby, who is one of my most very favorite people on earth. I am so excited to start fresh!