Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Wanna Sit At Your Feet, Drink From The Cup In Your Hand, Lay Back Against You and Breathe, Feel Your Heart Beat...

Last Saturday my great-grandma passed away. She was 93ish and we knew it was coming; she was losing her mind. But it made me think. Life is short. Period. How will we be remembered?

NINETY years. That seems like forever. Five years seems like a long time in my own life. Five years ago I was entering junior high. That girl seems like a whole different person. Insecure beyond what anybody realized, confused, not sure how to fit in or where to turn to, not strong in who she was in Christ... It seems a whole lifetime away.

A few months ago, Phillip and I were visiting her and she couldn't remember where she had put a box of cookies or that she had told my grandmom that she played bingo three times already, but she pulled out her hermonica and played for us and then recited a poem completely in German. How freakin' cool is that?

And then I remember a few years ago at Thanksgiving, she came into my grandparents house for lunch, and she gave each of the great-grandkids a 5 dollar bill - there are 4 of us. That was a HUUUGEEE deal for her, because money like that in her eyes and everything she has ever known about finances tells her that it's a big amount! But she did it because she loved us, she did it because she could. And it was one of the best things about that Thanksgiving Salado trip.

Her death hit me harder than I thought it would, because we weren't necessarily that close, but I miss her. She was so awesome!! When I'm 90, I want my great-grandkids to look at me like I look at her.

Let's live awesome lives. Let's make differences and be cool and love Jesus and impact each other.

RIP Grandma Hunter. I can't wait to see you again.

Ich bin klein,
Mein Herz ist rein.
Dass neimand drinnen wohnen kann
Als Jesus allein.